About Us

Are you a new mom or soon to be a mommy? Everything about having babies or being pregnant is such a fantastic feeling on its own. As much as we try to know more about the babies and their care, it is essential to know this information is relevant and comes from a trustworthy source. Taking care of yourself and your child is of utmost importance during and after your pregnancy. To help you all beautiful mommies and the daddies trying to help their wives, here is a website dedicated to baby and mom care. You will find self-help blogs, quick tips, do’s and don’t for everything related to pregnancy and babycare. 

While we realize there are many mediums to know what is right for babies, only quite a few sources pay attention to mom care. At Excited Baby, we aspire to be your friend, guide, and the best source to know everything about this beautiful phase of your life. I, Kathy Lucero, a mother to beautiful twins and my cat Pluto, decided to come up with this website to share my in-depth knowledge of taking the best care of yourself and your child during and post the pregnancy. 

During my pregnancy, I did thorough research on having a smooth pregnancy and educated myself to take the best care of my babies. Since then, my friends and family started contacting me for quick tips and solutions to their babies and pregnancy questions. And I was able to help them with their queries, they all motivated me to start a blog where I could help other fellow mommies as well who are in need of advice or suggestions. So here is my brainchild- Excited Baby to help you with all your doubts about pregnancy, aftercare, and raising your babies.

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