Does Baby Powder Expire – Be Careful While Using Old Products

Babies are delicate and extremely adorable. Their skin is still under the works and needs the gentlest touch. This is why there is a range of products dedicated solely for their use. Products meant for adults may be too harsh! 

Baby powder is something no baby grows up without. It is needed to eliminate the risk of diaper rash and other skin problems. 

Over the last few weeks, we have been receiving queries about expiration dates. Can you use them after a couple of years of purchase? Some bottles don’t mention the dates. Does that mean that baby powder does not expire? Here are the answers.

Does Baby Powder Expire?

Baby powder

Yes, it does. 

Most of the bottles today come with an expiration date, which you must take very seriously. If, for some reason, the label is missing or you can’t find the date, it is best not to use it. If you have had an unopened bottle for a year or more, we recommend the same. 

These days, most baby powders consist of cornstarch, which has a shorter shelf life than talcum powder. This is why you should be more careful. 

On average, cornstarch has a shelf life of 18 months once opened. Unopened baby powders with cornstarch ideally do not expire, but that’s subject to a few conditions such as the storage process. Only when stored in a cool and dry place, can you be sure that the powder is still good for use. 

All leading brands agree on one thing – Baby powder is safest when used within a year. Unopened bottles are good for 3 years. But beyond these dates, you should not use them.

Bonus – Does Talcum Powder Expire?

Talcum powder

Debates have been afloat about the safety of talc, which is why many brands have switched to cornstarch. However, if you are still using talcum powder (after approval from the pediatrician), we recommend that you learn about its expiration date as well. 

As a general rule, if moisture hasn’t disturbed the powder, you can use it after a couple of years as well. Check how it flows out of the container. If that’s normal, it is good to go. But, of course, this applies only during instances when the expiration date is missing from the bottle. 

Remember to always store your powder in a safe place that’s devoid of moisture. This means you cannot store it in the washroom or near a sink. As long as you adhere to this, you will be able to maximize usage and reduce the possibility of discarding bottles before the ideal expiration date.

If there are any more questions about baby powder and its usage, please feel free to comment or contact us. 

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