Can Pregnant Women Eat Honey? – Safe or Not?

In every woman’s life, pregnancy plays a crucial part. It brings mental and physical changes in her body. A lot of nutritious diets is recommended to give her sound health. The food that is highly nutritive for her fetus will give proper growth to the baby. Many pregnant women consume honey during pregnancy. The question comes in mind, can pregnant women have honey?

To know this, I will discuss various points that will make you clear about the effects of honey in pregnant females and the baby.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Honey?


  • Natural Antibiotic product- Honey is treated as the natural antibiotic product that kills the bacteria of the body. The body of the expectant females undergoes many changes that make the immunity of the body weaker. If she consumes honey, then her resistance gets stronger.
  • Resolves the problem of Heartburn- Often there is the feeling of heartburn in the pit of the stomach in pregnant ladies that gives them a lot of discomforts. The intake of honey resolves this problem.
  • Lessen the feeling of nausea or morning sickness- Pregnant ladies suffer from a sense of nausea and vomiting due to which they don’t feel like to eat properly. Excessive vomits can even cause dehydration due to which they get admitted to hospitals. To avoid nausea and vomiting, the consumption of honey is recommended. They can mix it in water milk.
  • Relief in a sore throat- Pregnant ladies suffer from the problem of a cough and sore throat at the time pregnancy. It is a very common problem. It can be seasonal or allergic. If they swallow one tablespoon honey, then the problem of a sore throat and cough gets quickly vanish.
  • Decreases allergic reactions- The allergic reactions give irritation to the pregnant ladies. It can occur anywhere like in the respiratory tract that will cause sneezing and nasal itching, in the skin that can cause itching and bumps, in the digestion that can cause diarrhea. To get rid of all these problems, honey is best. Raw honey during pregnancy will do wonders.
  • Destroy Helicobacter pylori- The bacterium termed Helicobacter pylori can cause damage in the stomach. These bacteria do not heal or cause prolonged heartburn. It produces the feeling of vomit or pain in the gut. The intake of honey kills these bacteria and provides relief to pregnant women.

I believe that from the above-discussed facts you can make out that you can have honey when you are pregnant. It is safe and healthy. But before consuming it make sure it should be pasteurized and of trusted brands. The best is organic honey, so it is good if you take honey that has undergone minimal processing. During pregnancy, the honey can indeed be consumed if it is organic and purchased in pure form. In case after consumption, you face any problem then consult a doctor.  

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