Can You Feed A Baby In Car Seat?- Checkout These Details Before Going Out With Your Baby

If you’re a new parent, you’ve probably experienced both- the happiness and troubles that come along while taking care of a baby. As they’re delicate, the utmost care and attention are necessary while handling one, especially when you’re traveling. 

A baby’s schedules are unpredictable, and one can never know for sure about their hunger. At times, parents find it inconvenient to pull over every time and opt for baby bottles or breastfeed in the car seat itself. 

Can you feed a baby in a car seat? 

Feeding a baby in a car seat can seem convenient at a glance, but it is absolutely not a good idea. There two obvious ways that you can use to feed your baby, breastfeed, or bottle feeding. The following are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t feed your baby in a cat seat, especially in a moving car. 

Baby bottles

Baby bottles may seem an easy option for feeding a baby in a car seat, but it is harmful as it can turn into a choking hazard. Infants are unable to hold or remove the bottle. In case they’ve had too much amount in their mouth, they could end up choking on the milk or the formula. 

If the car is met with an accident while the baby is being fed with a bottle, it can hurt the infant and cause serious injuries. Along with that, it can also cause motion sickness and gas issues. 

Avoid feeding solid foods like grapes while traveling. It can turn into a suffocation problem or nausea. If you have to feed the baby while traveling, you must attend to the bottle rather than letting the infant hold it. If you’re the one driving the vehicle, it is best to pull over in a safe location, remove the baby from the car seat and then feed. This might take a couple of extra minutes but it is necessary for the safety of your baby. 


Suppose you’re planning to breastfeed your baby while driving; think twice. By doing so, you could be putting your child and yourself into the most dangerous position, and breastfeeding while driving will not allow you to keep your full attention on the road. It could result in accidents or injuries. 

Instead, pull over to a safe location, remove the baby from the car seat and breastfeed in your lap. You can also pump ahead and store for contingencies. Although breastfeeding in a car seat is possible, it is not advisable because it can cause uneasiness to the baby as well as the mother. Always carry the essentials while traveling. You can also carry a cooler if you’d like to save some time. But when it comes to breastfeeding, always stop the car at the nearest exit and then do the needful. 

Bottom Line:

As it is nearly impossible to supervise a baby while traveling in a car, it is considered to be preferable to stop the car and feed. Whether you are driving or not, feeding a baby while traveling can make you feel really uneasy, and even the baby wouldn’t have the food in the correct position. This may lead to gas. Don’t try to skip any feeding sessions because it might leave the baby hungry as well as affect your milk supply and always prioritize the baby’s safety. 

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