All You Need to Know About Gaviscon Infant for Babies

Gaviscon infant is the medicinal product that helps to prevent vomiting after feeding in infants that are gastric regurgitation. Actually, doctor recommends its usage when the baby suffers from gastro-oesophageal reflux. Sometimes there is flow back up of baby’s stomach contents into the food pipe of the baby that causes sickness usually after feeds, so the Gaviscon infant sachets provide relief to the baby. Now I would like to discuss the uses of Gaviscon infant so that you have the detailed knowledge about the same. So have a look at the following points –

  1. It helps in checking reflux in the baby.
  2. It is meant for the babies that ages from 1-2 years.
  3. The two main ingredients are in it, one is sodium alginate, and other is magnesium alginate. Both these ingredients thicken the contents of the stomach.
  4. It is in the form of oral powder suspension.
  5. The ingredients are found in the form of seaweed.

After discussing the uses of Gaviscon infant, I would like to discuss the conditions that ask for the recommendation of Gaviscon infant by the doctor or by the pharmacist.

  1. If there is discomfort due to the complications of the reflux.
  2. If the baby is not gaining weight properly.
  3. If there is the condition of a hiatus hernia that causes the reflux.

Stomach contents are not properly digested, and the problem of gastro-oesophageal reflux occur in babies. Now, what causes this problem to occur? The reasons may be –

  1. The muscular ring at the lower end of the food pipe is not developed fully.
  2. If the stomach is full, then the contents of the food are flown back into the food pipe.
  3. As a result, reflux occurs.
  4. Sometimes Overfeeding can also cause this problem.
  5. Sometimes prior to feed if babies are very hungry or at the time of feeding they swallow more air than normal.

What precautions to be followed while giving Gaviscon infant to the baby?

  1. The weight of the infant body and the quantity of food being fed decides the dosage of the medicine.So you should be cautious about the dosage.
  2. Do not mix the medicine and keep solution for the longer time. It should be prepared according to the need.
  3. Excessive consumption will lead to the increasing amount of sodium in the blood of the baby which is harmful.


All you need to know about Gaviscon infant is that it is an effective medicine for gastric regurgitation problem. It should be given under medical supervision.You should use sachet depending on the age, body weight and prescription of the doctor. In the whole day, it should not be given more than six times. After a week medical supervision should be done to see the health condition of the baby. Overdosage may lead to infant Gaviscon constipation. So be careful about the treatment. Gaviscon for infants is good and medically recommended if taken properly and under the supervision of the doctor. If this medicine is given with due care to the baby, then the patient can get quick relief from the stomach problem.


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