How Long Does It Take to Dissolve Stitches? What to Do to Dissolve?

Dissolve stitches are used to close up wounds, cuts, and surgical openings. Medical professionals like dentists, oral surgeons, physicians, veterinarians make use of dissolvable stitches to heal cuts and wounds. The other name of dissolvable stitches is absorbable sutures. Both for internal and external wounds dissolvable stitches are used. If the patient underwent dissolvable stitches, then he or she doesn’t have to visit the doctor quite often. As a result, the patient will save his time from visiting the hospital. Even the patient does not require anesthesia to remove dissolvable stitches. The process is simple. Now the question is how long does it take to dissolve stitches? To answer this question, I would like to discuss some of the points which will make it clear how long does it take for stitches to dissolve?

How Long Does It Take to Dissolve Stitches?


  • The material from which stitches are made highly influences the time required to dissolve it. Various natural ingredients are used to make dissolvable stitches like processed animal intestines and plant materials. Usually, they are collagen-based. The body can excrete certain enzymes that can destroy the collagen which in turn dissolvable sutures.
  • Stitches applied to external wound are superficial, so it will take less time to disappear as compare to internal injuries.
  • The doctors recommend dissolvable stitches for external wounds and injuries that occur on that part of the body where there is more movement like knee or elbow. The dissolvable stitches with high elasticity are essential to choosing for the wounds.
  • Less thick stitches are used for external wounds as compared to internal injuries. Near about one or two weeks are taken to dissolve stitches.

What do dissolving stitches look like?

They appear like a fishing line full of dark chunks. They give sometimes black or sometimes purple color.

In oral surgeries and areas with no excessive movements, dissolvable stitches are used. Sometimes dissolvable stitches are not dissolved completely. They only loosen up. If it happens then, the stitches must be removed at home with proper care. Usually, the stitches dissolve within seven to ten days after the surgical treatment. But that period can vary depending on the wound area, the thickness of stitched skin, and the physiological condition of the patient. It is advisable that let the wound healed properly. The original healing period of the injury loosens the stitches naturally.


Unless and until the wound is not healed properly, the dissolvable stitches should not be dissolved quickly. Otherwise, it may re-open before treating the wound thoroughly. Proper healing of the wound will dissolve the stitches smoothly. Natural materials like processed animal intestines, silk, hair, and synthetic materials are used to make dissolvable stitches. The body can easily break down the synthetic materials. There is no any particular prediction as of when the stitches will dissolve. The time take to dissolve stitches vary from person to person, condition, and the location of the wound. But it disappears within a week or two or some may take a few weeks to dissolve completely.   

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